Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday April 5...

So, having only one cup of coffee with creamer in the morning and then the second cup black is beginning to feel normal.

Coffee with creamer
1 point

Cereal, banana, strawberry slices, and almond breeze for breakfast.
4 points

Lunch was a Boca burger patty on a Sandwich thin with lettuce. Coupled with snap peas, cucumber slices, tomatoes, and a mandarin orange
3.5 points

I was a little bit nervous about dinner because we had our small group meeting tonight. It's always a pot luck style meal so it's hard to plan. The group didn't know I had started WW and I didn't want to show up with a different meal that everyone else so I just hope for the best. i was happily surprised!
Chicken tender marinated in teriyaki sauce and baked, green beans, snap peas, tomatoes, gren salad..and a small portion of some creamy rice type dish (I guessed at the poinst for this)6 points

I had some yogurt, strawberries and mandarin oranges (4.5points) when we got home but I'm still hungry and I have points left so I'm going to go get a snack. I'm thinking of some cheese puff snack thingies my sister bought...sort of like pirates booty...she said they were low in calories and fat...I'll check first.

Points used 19 (before the snack I'm going to go find now)
points target 27

Positive choice I made today. I turned down dessert at the home fellowship.


Kelly said...

Hi Vickie!!! I'm so glad you are back to blogging and going to WW! yeah!

We can do this. Each small step is a step in the right direction.

PS I still love my chicken socks. :)

Grace said...

I have been SOOOO lost without the food porn. Thank you. It's a journey, isn't it? Not a Diet. Looks like some great choices.

Sorry to hear that you had some losses recently... but I see a new DIL? And how is that cute GDD? Is it soccer season yet?

Vickie said...

Hi KellY!!! Thanks so much for coming by with a word of encouragement. I was thinking of your chicken socks just the other day ;)

Grace!!! Hello my friend. I'm so glad to see you too. I didn't know how much I have missed my blog until I came back to it. I do have a new DIL and she's lovely. Autumn is adorable as ever...she akarate girl now...LOL.